Dr Cilliers Louw

Dr Cilliers Louw is SAPPO's veterinary liaison officer for the Western Cape. He will in future also assist with business intelligence data capturing and national risk and health monitoring for the export market and the trade on SAPPO's behalf. He lives in Durbanville and is the son of the late Cilliers Louw, who served the pork industry for 34 years. Louw senior was a member of SAPPO's Board and he was chairman of Western Cape Pork producers for many years. 

Dr Louw grew up on Keibees Piggery, a 1 270 sow unit in the Western Cape. He graduated as a veterinarian from Onderstepoort in 2005 and gained practical knowledge in many countries such as Australia, Spain, France, Wales, England and America.

He returned to South Africa in 2010 and started Farmlands Herd Health Practice in 2012, specialising in feedlot and pig health. He is married to Zirkea and has a four year old daughter, Milea.

He says his goals are to give farmers cost effective veterinary service and to be a good husband and father. Hobbies include running, quality family time, spending time at the beach and travelling.

"My goal for SAPPO is to help the organisation develop a strong brand name and to open up more export markets for local pig farmers. To do this we need better communication between farmers, both small and commercial, and between SAPPO, DAFF and the OIE," he says.

Like his father, Dr Louw believes in the thorough training of all pig producers, small or big. He will continue this legacy, Dr Louw says.